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May 13, 2009

PAINTING WEEKEND Saturday 16th and Sunday 17th May 2009 10.30am-6pm


Come and paint or sketch Saturday and Sunday… at the Jamaica Street hoardings… Everybody welcome..

The idea is to paint boards,  canvasses, anything that we can rustle up…

We have some paints and brushes, which will be available for use…  But please bring your own equipment if you have some…

The results will be exhibited and sold in the gallery.

The exhibition of work will run from Friday 22nd May for two weeks…

Profits will be split between PRSC and the Artist. …

All work will be sold by Dutch Auction.

The Artist will set the starting price, which will descend over the period of the exhibition, to finish at a reserve price, also set by the artist, which will not exceed £50.

Artists may also bring canvasses for inclusion in the exhibition…


There will be Tea and cakes for sale…

Also, beautiful China mugs manufactured by Stokes Croft China…


Come and play Street Chess on Turbo Island…


If you have old canvasses for re-painting, or anything else that would serve, please bring them with you..

If you are minded to make cakes, please bring them too!!

Looking forward to seeing you!

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