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Turbo Island Advertising Hoarding: Council moves on Hoardings owners. Discontinuance Notice served…

June 30, 2009

Dear All

I am very pleased to be able to tell you that Bristol City Council served a discontinuance notice on Primesight Ltd last week. This requires them to remove the advertising hoarding on the corner of Jamaica Street within 8 weeks.

This does not mean that the hoarding will definitely be removed as they have the right of appeal, but it is the first legal step towards it removal.

I know that you will all be very pleased to hear this.



Vicky Welchman

BA (Hons) MA Landscape Architecture MA Town Planning CMLI

Urban Design Project Officer

Direct line: 0117-922-2969

Fax: 0117-922-3101


PRSC has been campaigning for the last couple of years for the removal of the advertising hoardings on Turbo Island as a prerequisite for any development of this space, and welcomes any move to remove the hoarding. The only reservation is that the hoardings owners actually own all of Turbo Island (sold by the then Avon County Council in 1985 (?)… Hopefully we will be able to come to some kind of agreement with the owners so that the plot will come to benefit the local community, central as it is to any development of the Croft. The last thing we need is a stalemate, like we have with the Carriageworks and estmoreland House…

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  1. badoni permalink
    July 1, 2009 9:39 pm

    This is really good news! Fairplay Chris and Vicky, brilliant job!
    I’d be surprised if the company accept it without a fight, but they’ll lose eventually anyway.

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