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PRSC Summer Exhibition: The SELLING GALLERY. Open to all to submit work… to be sold by Dutch Auction. Opening night, 24th July 2009.

July 7, 2009

The Selling Gallery will open its doors on Friday 24th July at PRSC HQ.
This will be a rolling exhibition that will run all summer, showcasing and selling the work of local artists, thus generating income for local artists, and for PRSC to continue its work.

Anybody may submit a piece of work. subject to there being enough available space, the work will go onto the wall of the gallery for two weeks, and will be sold by Dutch Auction

How it works: Bring in a piece of work. Tell us how much you would like for it in a perfect World. This will be the start price… Set a reserve price… (No more than £50).

For the 14 day period, the price will descend from the starting price until it reaches the reserve price two weeks later. In the event of the work being sold, the proceeds will be split 50/50 between artist and gallery… If unsold, it will return to the artist…

Buyers will have to work out whether they are prepared to let the price descend, and risk the work being bought by somebody else…

As soon as a work is sold, it will be removed from the wall and another work will replace it… Thus will a rolling exhibition be created…

In order for this to work, we will need you to bring in work… If you have  something, then please e-mail to organise delivery of the work…

Examples of work sold at the last Dpauc2-47webutch Auction

Niyaz Saghari

selling Price £50


Peter Kidd

Selling Price £102


Mike Stuart

Selling Price £80



Selling Price £70


Kyle Brown

Selling Price £90


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