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Pete Davis: A Resident of Jamaica Street Hostel. Died of massive organ failure, age 36 in the BRI.

August 24, 2009

We didn’t know Pete for long.. He was a bright, charming man. The drink did for him.

The funeral took place last Monday, and was well-attended. Robbie Pindale, who became his close friend and saw him through his last days, ensured that his family knew of his demise. They were all present at the funeral. They had had no contact for four years, and their sense of loss was palpable.

Pete used to help out at PRSC. Below are a couple of pictures of him working to spruce up the Croft. He will be missed. We need to ensure that we do not lose people to alcoholism so easily. petedaviswordpressThe Bell’s pavement never looked so tidy…petedavis1wordpress

Pete enjoys a joke with Taffy as he brandishes a shovelful of Stokes Croft dog shit!


At the time of Pete’s death, the first sunflower appeared in Gavin Woodley’s memorial planters outside Jamaica Street. Gavin also died in his 30’s of drug-related organ failure.

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