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City Road/Stokes Croft… Another Wicked Little Piece… Is this the Way Forward?

August 25, 2009

This joyful little piece went up on Sunday… Of course, we have no idea who did it…

It is exactly the way forward, however… Gentle, whimsical and witty, it turns a part of the Croft that is previously unconsidered, into a canvas, a visual attraction. At minimal cost…

Already, Bristol has a global reputation for its Street Art. And  Stokes Croft is fast acquiring an intenational reputation for its innovative approach, and the high quality of its Street Art. And the people who visit are amazed by the way that the tolerant, laissez-faire attitude that we have cultivated in the Croft has led to such splendid results. Take note, BCC.windows1wordpress


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  1. Arthur N One permalink
    August 25, 2009 9:43 am

    It wasn’t previously unconsidered (and I saw this being painted). What needs to happen here is that the corner house / shop (which had a rounded end) needs to be rebuilt, on the proper scale. That, with the Church, will give City Road a bit more of its proper dignity back, and will make Stokes Croft look a bit more properly grand. Until then, whimsy’s ok.

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