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Stokes Croft Street Art: Rampant Creativity… Too Fast to Document…

August 25, 2009

The Croft changes so rapidly that it is increasingly difficult to document…

First off, a debate about the nature of “Rubbish”, a subject very close to Stokes Croft’s heart…rawmaterials1wordpress



Paris has been prolific, as ever, in the Croft… Interestingly , his re-working of the Hillgrove St./ Stokes Croft corner has elicited no response from BCC. Logic would dictate that if BCC were threatening to prosecute the property owner for the “Council Vandalism” piece on the basis that plamnning permission is required, then this piece is equally illegal on that basis… Very Confusing… If you require clarification, you could e-mail

It is probably not worth the bother, though, because no straight answer is possible…


The painting below caused BCC to threaten the owner with prosecution… Because planning permission is required for any painting on a Grade II listed building…




This piece sprouted this week on the entrance to the Carriageworks… Dante from Coexist making his Stokes Croft debut, we believe… dantewordpress

There has been a full-on saga on the practice wall this week… The always challenging Warp and Vermin produced a fine piece last week-end… The piece remained for so brief a time that the only picture we have was taken at night…


The piece was covered by a joint effort, a silver throw-up , well executed… On talking to the graffers, it emerged that a friend of one of the graffers was heavily involved in heroin, and that Vermin and Warp’s work was just a little bit too close to the knuckle…

Then, it started to get weird. Somebody wrecked the silver throw up…


Then, others delivered their verdict on the spat…


Never a dull moment on the practice wall… below are some other pieces that have appeared of late…



The piece below now adorns the hoardings on City Road, next to Alex’s Car Valeting.


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