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Splendid 3-Dom/Voyder Mural Commission Revealed: Dante, Paste-ups, Graff Etc.

March 20, 2010

The splendid mural by 3-Dom and Voyder, which graces the upper elevations of the new building on the former site of Mary’s junk shop on Stokes Croft, can now be seen in all its glory, since the removal of the scaffolding that has masked it since last year. Commissioned by Reg, Mary’s son, this is a fine example of  a local businessman working with local artists. Voyder and 3-Dom for mutual benefit.

The use of upper elevations is surely the next step in Stokes Croft’s aspiration to be an Outdoor Gallery. if you have a property that you would like us to curate, paint in Stokes Croft or environs, please let us know

Below: Dante, based in Hamilton House, works on the westmoreland House steps. Pole and friend pass the time of day on the steps. the sense of community generated by these activities is palpable.

Below: Dante’s finished piece.

Below: Another Interesting Graff piece on the Ashley Road Practice Wall.

Below: An intriguing little paste-up on Hillgrove St.

Below: Lisa Vickers, local resident, with her ” Friesian” Volkswagen, photographed outside the Magpie 17.03.10.

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  1. March 25, 2010 4:56 pm

    re the 3dom and Voyder mural, why do their names have to be so prominent?

    like most of the graffiti writers who paint the Croft they appear to see themselves as progressives within the graffiti movement, i.e above scrawling their name everywhere, more ‘enlightened’ if you will. but more often than not all we ever get in the way of ‘art’ from the graffiti community are giant tags! so using two, three or more colours instead of one suddenly makes something ‘art’ does it? the place is overrun with egotistical immature men who are surely old enough to know better. Ziml must be 35 if he’s a day.

    less tags, less self-gratification, more art with universal themes please. in fact you should put the supposed altruistic natures of these graffiti artists to the test: ask them to paint another word or phrase, related to the area or the wider world. i’m sure the audience will be thrilled to be ‘reached out’ to for a change, rather than merely seeing the technique on the surface of these artists’ cryptic, private worlds.

  2. April 1, 2010 12:03 pm

    Well ‘AC’ you say more art with universal themes please, and if your going to pay for these pieces to be painted then thats fair enough but until then these artists are paying to do this work with money from their own pockets and weather you think it fits your criteria of ‘art’ or not it is brightening up the streets and making Stokes Croft look a lot better for it. Would you rather go back to the worn out hordings and ‘scrawled tags’ covering areas like before..? These areas are free for all to paint and I think it is up to ‘the people’ to make their mark.. If you feel the things you state in your message why not pick up a spray can, brush, roller or whatever and put up what you would like to see.

    Art (all art, including graffiti) is subjective to the viewers own thoughts on it. What one artist thinks is great someone else might hate so that is why is it up to us to all have our say.

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