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Street Art rolls on in Stokes Croft, increasingly defined by its positive attitude to Street Art…

December 6, 2010

A sweet little piece by 3-Dom, to be found down Picton Lane, just behind the Bristolian Caff.

Practice wall: Still up (Dec. 05 2010)

Above: note the word “Toy” painted across this piece…

A French Crew, brought to Stokes Croft by Felix, strut their stuff…

This piece lasted a couple of days…

Their piece on Putterills lasted a day… The scaffolders cme to take down their rig. It turns out that the whole building needed to be supported,as it is structurally unsound… It looks as if the hoardings will remain for a while yet…

The boards were fixed back: The resulting piece has a charm of its own…

The renovations revealed a bit of sign writing that should have a conservation order served on it…
Paris, who has now returned to Bristol from a Grand Tour of Europe with Milk, was mightily impressed, before applying a trademark piece to the boards… (Below)

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