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A Godwin Source Book, Part 3: Wallpaper

January 25, 2011


For most of the 1870s Godwin was designing high-end wallpaper for some of the country’s leading paper stainers and art furniture houses.  Only a  tiny fraction of Godwins’ work has survived as wallpaper, but over fifty completed designs can be found in his notebooks.

Although the wallpaper industry was mechanizing rapidly in the 1870s and serving a booming consumer market, Godwins’ work still required old school hand-engraved wooden blocks.










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  1. stokes crofter permalink
    May 21, 2011 10:17 pm

    Thanks Chris, you do seem to be doing a fantastic job of destroying Stokes Croft.
    For the last 15 years I have found Stokes Croft to be an interesting, fantastic place to live in and have always been proud to say I live here. However in the last 12 months you have mannaged to down grade the area to such an extent that I feel like Im being forced out of my home by the activities of the PRSC. You have managed to turn what was once a cosmpolitan area with an interesting mix of people into an area dominated by white crusties, trustafafians and anarchist squatters.
    We have seen a riot as a result of your anti tesco campaign (I did find your coverage of the event from telepathic heights most interesting) and a second riot which was literaly advertised on the internet. You claim to be acting in the interest of local residents but rarely consider the implications of your actions on them. you claim to be pro-local businesses yet alchol was being sold from your yard during the Streetfest without a licence, directly taking business from the businesses around you who have gone through the licencing proceedur and act with a level of responsibility.
    I am sorry but although some of the projects you have involved youself in do have good intentions they seem to be poorly thought out and have negative effects on the people you are trying to benefit.
    Maybe you should try living here

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