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The Broom is Mightier than the Sword

February 3, 2011

(A knock at the door)
Driftwood: Yes?
Woman: Is my Aunt Minnie in here?
Driftwood: Well, you can come in and prowl around if you wanna. If she isn’t in here, you can probably find somebody just as good…
Woman: Well, can I use your phone?
Driftwood: Use the phone?! I’ll lay ya even money you can’t get in the room! This boat will be in New York before you can get to that phone…
(A knock at the door)
Cleaning lady: I came to mop up.
Driftwood: Just the woman I’m looking for. Come right ahead. You’ll have to start on the ceiling. It’s the only place that isn’t being occupied… (knock at the door) Tell Aunt Minnie to send up a bigger room, too, will ya? (knocking again)

As Groucho Marx says, in the  chaotic stateroom scene in Night at the Opera, “…just the woman I’ve been looking for.”  Well,  she’s arrived on Hepburn Street a tiny lane off Stokes Croft . This intriguing but much neglected alley has not been top of Bristol City Council’s sweeping  list, in fact we were wondering whether its been on the list at all.

No matter, PRSC’s broom militia moved in and cleaned up at the end of January. Having made the street safe for human creativity, we have a new piece from Paris – a reprise of a classic work by 3D from the 1980s.

Hepburn Street before the sweep up

Ship Shape and Bristol Fashion

No Great Crime 2011

No Great Crime - 1980s

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  1. Nota News permalink
    February 7, 2011 2:02 pm

    That is amazing. i mean imagine sweeping a road and NOT asking for praise! Fucking hell, that is some BIIG news to me. I can hardly believe there was a bit of stokes croft that hasn’t been swept!. I think that what the area needs is more graffiti and more middle class dropouts sweeping streets cos that shows how down you are with the working man. Or how bout this. Fuck off!!

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