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No Gates in Stokes Croft! An Alternative to Corporate Gentrification, with Anna Minton. Tuesday Feb. 24th at 6.45pm at the Baptist Church Stokes Croft

February 22, 2015


No Gates in Stokes Croft! An Alternative to Corporate Gentrification, with Anna Minton

Presented by PRSC and co-hosted by The Bristol Cable:

Stokes Croft is facing the imminent prospect of a gated community with the planned redevelopment of the Carriageworks, with next to no affordable housing and rocketing rents for everyone.

Anna Minton, journalist and author, will be discussing the ways in which corporate property developers wrangle out of providing affordable housing, privatise public space, stuff our cities with boring corporates and increase social division.

Most importantly we will be discussing what alternatives there are to corporate gentrification, what we can do about it and how we can build our cities for people not profit!

Find out more about the Carriageworks planned development here and here.

Anna Minton is a writer and journalist and Visiting Professor at the University of East London (UEL). She spent a decade in journalism, including a stint as a corporate reporter on the Financial Times. Finding daily journalism frustrating she began to focus on longer projects for think tanks and policy organizations and is the author of numerous papers and reports, including the Joseph Rowntree Foundation’s Viewpoint on fear and distrust. In 2013, she became a Reader in Architecture at UEL. Between 2012-2014 she has been the 1851 Royal Commission’s Fellow in the Built Environment.


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