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March 10, 2014


Size: A2 (42.0 x 59.4cm)
Printed by Jacknife and Mark my Words Screen Printers
for The Peoples Republic of Stokes Croft


Celebrating the life of Nelson ‘Madiba’ Mandela,
Felix ‘FLX’ Braun’s latest print
evokes the one-time South African President’s earlier life
as a revolutionary firebrand.
Madiba was Nelson’s clan name,
the name black South Africans referred to him by; and the name
they chanted in their 100s of thousands when he passed away.

The print echoes the style of political posters from the ‘60s,
whose potent messages were delivered using rough and ready graphics,
printed cheaply and quickly on makeshift screens
the inks pulled through hand- cut stencils.
Felix spoke at great length to the talented folk at
Jacknife Posters and Mark My Words Screen Printing,
about how to produce the desired effect.
The result is clear for all to see.


Now available to buy at PRSC HQ, 35 Jamaica Street, or online

BELOW: FLX and Dones at work on the Nelson Mandela Tribute Mural
on the PRSC Outdoor Gallery wall in ‘Jamaica Street, Stokes Croft.
The mural can be viewed here until end of March 2014.



Homage to the Bristol Scroll.Reinventing the Bristol Scroll for the 21st Century. Exhibition in the Bearpit Dec. to Feb 2014

December 10, 2013


The Bristol scroll will be well known to anybody over forty. The City’s name was carried in this form by every bus in the city and  its surrounding areas from 1965 until the mid 1980s. Created by an artist unknown, this beautiful rendition of Bristol was first used in 1910 by the Bristol Aviation Company, and became the Bristol “Brand” across the globe, during a period of rapid industrial expansion and innovation.

Six of Bristol’s finest Graffiti artists reinvent the scroll in their own styles, reminding us of a period when Bristol seemed to control its destiny, whilst simultaneously reappropriating  this symbol of pride and independence for the City.

The work of these six graffiti artists clearly demonstrates that they are  in fact the pre-eminent calligraphers of our time.

The exhibition takes place in the Bearpit Outdoor Gallery, the sunken roundabout at the bottom of Stokes Croft, until February 2014.

The six artists involved are: 3-Dom, Deams, Inkie, 45RPM, Ged Palmer and Paris.
The show is designed by the Peoples Republic of Stokes Croft.

100 A2 screen prints of each design will be  made available for sale from Dec. 12th, priced at £20. Tee shirts of each design will also be made available, proceeds going towards the work of PRSC and the Bearpit.

Prints and tee shirts will be available at PRSC HQ, 35 Jamaica Street, the Harbourside Christmas market, the Bearpit, and online at


Inkie Print: Edition of 100


One of six different Tees available.


Projections of early Bristol biplanes. (South Tunnel)

131208_Plane_seprwebLloyds, Boots, Tesco etc., PAY YOUR TAXES” by Sepr (South Tunnel)

131208deams_“Bristol” by DEAMS (EAST TUNNEL)

October 17, 2013


You are invited to an exhibition ‘Adapt & Thrive?’ by Katharina Nyilas at The People’s Republic of Stokes Croft HQ, 35 Jamaica Street.

The exhibition aims to highlight and question the effect we have on our wildlife and surroundings, from the wildlife in our urban gardens, illegal poaching in Africa to the vast oceans we take our food from and pollute.

The opening night is this Friday from 7pm – 10pm and all are welcome.

Original artwork, affordable giclee prints, screen prints, t-shirts and tote bags will be available to purchase in the shop.

The exhibition will be running until the 15th November 2013.

Contemporary Dance in the Croft. At new PRSC building: First event.

October 7, 2013




twelve_poster_webContemporary Dancers will perform in the new PRSC building.
The building is currently being refurbished gently, and will provide an extraordinary backdrop
to what should be an interesting and stimulating evening.



17-25_webThe new PRSC building

OPENING NIGHT FRIDAY 6th Sept.7-10pm. Running til Nov. In the BEARPIT OUTDOOR GALLERY and PRSC

August 29, 2013




An extraordinary exhibition about activists and activism which will take place in the Bearpit at the bottom of Stokes Croft and, running in tandem, an exhibition of activist ceramics at the PRSC HQ.

Come to the PRSC HQ, have a glass or two, take a stroll to the Bearpit.
The exhibition will take place in North, South and East tunnels and on the newly constructed cube.


PRSC paints Bristol Omnibus logo and Bear at the bottom of the M32

August 29, 2013

Following months of negotiation, we painted this piece of work on the Western Power Electricity Box that supplies Cabot Circus. The bear, which stands proudly in the Bear Pit is a symbol of bottom-up regeneration.
This is a potent image to have at the gateway to the City, in an area dominated by corporate imagery.
130801_Bear_Cabot5_web “Stand up, Bristol! standup_web

Spraycan work and Stand Up design: Epok. Logistics and concept: Chris Chalkley

“URSA” in the Bearpit. Prints available. Pics of Grand Unveiling Gig by Claudio Ahlers

May 15, 2013


Ursa Print by Jamie Gillman now available.


Below: a set of images by Claudio Ahlers taken on Friday 10th May in the Bearpit,
at the unveiling of Ursa by Mayor George Ferguson.

Bear Pit Opening by Claudio Ahlers -2 Bear Pit Opening by Claudio Ahlers -16 Bear Pit Opening by Claudio Ahlers -23 Bear Pit Opening by Claudio Ahlers -24 Bear Pit Opening by Claudio Ahlers -37 Bear Pit Opening by Claudio Ahlers -52 Bear Pit Opening by Claudio Ahlers -67 Bear Pit Opening by Claudio Ahlers -69 Bear Pit Opening by Claudio Ahlers -72 Bear Pit Opening by Claudio Ahlers -73 Bear Pit Opening by Claudio Ahlers -74

Come to unveiling of URSA Bear Sculpture Friday 10th May at 6.30pm, in the Bearpit, bottom of Stokes Croft.

May 7, 2013


On Friday evening Mayor George Ferguson will unveil “Ursa”, a major new work by Jamie Gillman.  Symbolic of the Bottom up approach to regeneration for which Stokes Croft is increasingly renowned, the bear stands on the roof of the men’s toilets in the Bearpit, a potent emblem for the Bearpit and the City.

A joint initiative between PRSC and the Bearpit Improvement Group, the sculpture reinforces the notion of Stokes Croft and the Bearpit as an Outdoor Gallery, and was funded by a grant from Arts Council England

There will be music provided by the Ambling band and others, and performance in the Bearpit will run into the evening.

The Art Container will host an exhibition of work by Jamie Gillman, which will include several original works and a limited edition A2 signed print of Ursa which will be offered at £20.


To see short film of the making of the Bear, visit :

Last Day Promo Exhibition of Stokes Croft’s Jacknife Screen Prints down in the Bearpit SATURDAY 4th May 2013

May 1, 2013


It’s coming up to the last day of the Jacknife exhibition in the PRSC arts container down in the Bearpit on Saturday 4th May, so we’re holding a big final last day sale. So if you’ve seen one of the big screen prints and thought, I so wanted that one, come and get it. All the large screen prints will be £15.00 instead of the normal £20 & £25 range. It’s a fantastic price for a great selection of mostly Chris Hopewell’s work although we still have a very limited number of the exclusive Sepr – PRSC Snail screen prints available. So come and down, maybe on your way through to the Picton Street Market which is happening up in Stokes Croft.

Then we’ll be getting prepared for the next Bear exhibition opening on the following Saturday on the 10th May with the long-awaited arrival of the Bear. George Ferguson, Mayor of Bristol, will be opening the event. So there’s a lot going on.

Boycott Tesco Mural “Intervention”. Should it be repaired?

April 5, 2013

The Boycott Tesco Mural has been “Got at”.


This is arguably a significant piece of Stokes Croft history. Should it be repaired, or is it time for change?

Poll Below: